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02 October 2014

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About National Bank of Commerce

NBC Ltd. was formed on 1st April 2000 when NBC (1997) Ltd. was privatised and sold to ABSA Group Ltd. (now called Barclays Africa Group Limited) of South Africa. NBC (1997) Ltd. was itself born out of the nationalization of banks and financial institutions in Tanzania in 1967.Tanzania later deregulated banking in 1991. In 1997, a decision was taken to split NBC into three entities, namely NBC Holding Corporation, National Micro-finance Bank (NMB) and NBC (1997) Limited. This was the first step towards the privatization of NBC.

NBC Ltd. needs to be seen as a partner with government, and other organizations, in promoting the socio-economic development and prosperity of Tanzania. The government of the Republic of Tanzania has committed itself to transforming the economy of the country from being public-sector driven to being private-sector driven. To this end, privatisation has been chosen as one of the key routes by government. Privatisation entails that government is moving out of business - as in the management of companies - and promoting an enabling environment for economic growth and development as supported by the private sector.  

Share Holding Structure

ABSA Group Ltd. (Barclays Africa Group Limited)  55%
Government of the Republic of Tanzania 30%
International Finance Corporation 15%


To be the 'Go-To' bank


Helping people achieve their ambitions in the right way

NBC Logo

NBC Logo

The NBC logo is an artistic impression of what NBC stands for. NBC is a Tanzanian Bank.

The Twiga (giraffe) and Mount Kilimanjaro are key symbols of everything Tanzanian. As tourist attractions, the two stand firm as some of the pillars of the Tanzanian economy. The blue and the red are the official colours of NBC Ltd. and they are also the official colours of ABSA Group Ltd. (now called Barclays Africa Group Limited)  However, whereas ABSA's more prominent colour is red, that of NBC is blue.

Mission Statement

We are a caring financial services provider, partnering with all our stakeholders to create prosperity through a customer centric, innovative and diverse product offering. 

Organization Structure

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